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Post  Avien Flightsthane on Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:15 pm

Tendrils of mist part slowly as the veil of time is lifted to reveal the memories of a not so distant past. The life and training of one Dragonkin, Avien Flightsthane, unfolds before the unenlightened eyes of they who do not follow

It starts with a light, brighter than is beareable, causing a hatchlings voice to cry out, shattering the tranquility of an otherwise peaceful day long the highway. A traveler, known by the name of Douven Stahl, blinked, his aged eyes ,owlishly unfocused, as his mind was occupied on other matters, possibly about his artifacts awaiting his return. He had by chance bought what was assumed to be a fossilized dragons egg, from a disreputable merchant in a no name village. Taken by suprise at the sound of a newly hatched dragonkin child, Stahl thought it best to simply continue travelling the road, a thought would come to him eventually.

Flitting several years into the future, Avien had been growing up under arms and studying strategy and tactics at a small temple not far along the road from where he had hatched. As small outpost of the Order of the Red Falcon, the monks and clerics of the order had been only too happy to take a young dragonkin "under their wing", knowing only too well how large those of its kind could grow to be. Excelling at his studies, although never growing to be quite as massive as some of those as his race could, Avien progressed through the years, having been visited by the travelling Stahl every few years to check up on him, like a distant uncle.

As other children of the order had begun to populate the small outpost temple, it became forced upon Avien that he was very different, in both ability, size, and temperment to the other children studying within the order. Though the head's at the temple were always kind and encouraging, nourishing Avien to become the force for good that they knew he could become, he was nevertheless socially ostracized by his peers, and shunned. While his morality never shifted from the righteous path, his personality warped into a bitter humor that could leave others doubled over in mirth or frowning in disapproval.

Upon hearing word that Douven Stahl had disappeared from a passing traders caravan, Avien approached the head of his order at the temple, begging to be sanctioned on a quest to investigate and pursue information about his "Uncle's" whereabouts. Being granted his wish and quickly outfitted, Avien left the temple three days after the caravan had passed, racing to catch up and enlist his services, daring to dream of Douven Stahls continued health.
Avien Flightsthane
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Post  Xavier Nightstalker on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:46 pm

Xavier was born to a poor halfling mother who was a servant to a young king of a small coastal nation. Despite being a large boy for a halfling, he still manged to crawl and climb into every little hiding spot he could find. Xavier was quite the troublemaker as a child, but the King took a liking to the boy and gave him a small pendant after he caught Xavier hiding in the King's room. The pendant, though simple, was the nicest thing Xavier had ever received and he treasured it dearly.

Fascinated my the size and complexity of the castle, Xavier grew up exploring its every corridor and passageway. He would climb the stone walls, clamor across beams, and hide in the shadows, watching the people in the castle and dropping down to scare the guards and magistrates he didn't like. Xavier first met Douven Stahl when he came to visit the King. Xavier spotted the strange man in the castle and followed him to the King's study, watching from the shadows. Douven was an old friend and confidant to the King. They had adventured together in their youth and Douven continued to do some quests for the King. Part way through some nostalgic conversation over drinks, Douven asked the King how long the young boy was going to continue hiding in the shadows. Shocked that the man knew he was there, Xavier presented himself to the pair. The King was impressed at Xavier's skills and, once he had come of age, sent him to train to become an agent of the King's intelligence network.

For the next few years Xavier was trained in the clandestine arts. He learned how to gather information, how to deceive and manipulate, and how to spend a night drinking and talking with someone while still keeping sober. He learned how to move and hide not only in the shadows, but in plain sight and in large crowds. He learned how to sneak in a building at night, or have the door opened for you in the middle of the day. Oh, and he learned to kill. He could slip a dagger through a gap in armor and be gone before the body hit the ground.

Although the nation was small, it was an important trading hub and generated much wealth. Xavier was often sent to surrounding nations to gather information about trade and business deals so they could stay ahead of the game. It was on one of these missions that the coup happened. There was a small group of magistrates who didn't approve of the King's decisions, but did approve the large sums of gold the nation accumulated. They enacted a plot to frame the King for heinous crimes and overthrow his rule, putting their council in control of the nation. The King was chained and sent to rot in a remote dungeon and all of his supporters were jailed, exiled, or executed.

Unable to return to his home, Xavier dedicated himself to uncovering the details of this nefarious plot, and returning the King to his rightful throne. His first step: find Douven Stahl, who had visited the King only days before he was overthrown.

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Post  Alzor Flaninius on Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:35 am

Apprentice mage Alzor Flaninius the final test to graduate from ArchMage Serestus's Academy requires that the apprentice mage to complete a quest outside these walls of the academy. The famous adventurer Douven Stahl has gone missing and we want you to investigate his disappearance. Douven Stahl is a friend of the Academy and his disappearance is unsettling news. The last know location of Douven was around a small town of Winterhaven. It was not know what Douven was doing in the area. Uncover the mysteries of his disappearance and you shall have endured years of studies and emerged as a wizard.
The Council of Serestus's Academy

Alzor Flaninius

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Post  Carric Eladar on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:41 am

Carric grew up on the fringes of his village both physically, and socially. The young half-elf had grown up with his mother, and grandparents on their small farm, on the edge of town, but had never known his elven father, who had passed through town, and was gone before he was ever born, leaving only vague, and noncommittal descriptions from his mother. The other villagers tolerated him, but never welcomed him, and he was certainly never allowed to forget the fact that he was a fatherless half-blood. Life was far from ideal, but it was familiar, and relatively comfortable, and Carric fell into a dull routine, through most of his teen years, working with his family, and walking in the woods.

He was in the woods when the raiders attacked. The sounds of the screams, and fire, and metal on metal carried well in the quiet evening, and Carric ran home faster than he would have thought possible. It was too late. The raiders were gone, and Carric's small world was destroyed, everyone he had known either killed, or carried off, their homes still burning. These hadn't just raiders, they were slavers, and they had moved quickly. They did little to cover their tracks. however

Carric set off after them, untrained, and barely armed against gods knew how many. And this was how Douven Stahl found him the next morning. Exhausted, and practically staggering along on the slaver's trail on his suicidal crusade. Stahl had caught wind of the slavers, and though they were too numerous to face directly, he had hoped to warn those living nearby to flee, or hide while there was time. He too was too late, for any but this one young half elf, who had miraculously escaped notice, and was now determined to waste that chance, and to throw himself into inevitable captivity or death. Carric refused to be dissuaded. Stahl knocked him out and carried him off to safety.

Since then Carric has begun down the path of the druid, and (though it took more than a little while) made his peace with Douven Stahl's actions toward him. When he heard of Stahl's disappearance, he did not hesitate to set out once again. Perhaps this time he could actually do some good.
Carric Eladar
Carric Eladar

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Post  Dungeonmaster on Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:00 pm

So we begin our adventure. This thread is to be used for out of character chat. Absolutly everything in the main thread should be in character. Here you can talk, plan discuss moves, laugh at horrific failures ect. There are some ground rules I will cover here before we start.

1. All dice roles will be through orkos, please title the campaign snark4e so I know what rolls are for us. Every time you need to role the dice provide a link to the orkos page. I remind everyone it saves your history. I will check for rolling more than once. If you do not have the roll marked snark4e it must be rerolled.

2. Please highlight all actions in green bold. This is just for actions that require a die role, so I can easly see that in your text you want to say roll see the results from a diplomacy roll.

3. If you think its a good idea do it, Pbp games are slow by design, if you want to roll perception lets say dont' ask me, just roll and post the result, when I see it if its not permissible I will tell you, but if it is I can jump right to telling you the results of your roll.

4. You may get to only post once a day so make it worth it. Especially in combat where you only get a single post a round, try to pizzaz it up with a little text flair, however I remind you this is still Dnd do not seize narrative control (I"m talking about describing enemies as dead when they clearly aren't).

5. You must post once a day, this rule is in effect mon-friday, but I highly encourage you to post as often as you like. Remember in combat no one can go till you take your turn. If you fail to post often I will have to remove you to keep the game flowing.

Now some stuff for the combat sections

1. You will see once we start the first encounter once per round I will post a statblock in spoilers which contains all relevant information on characters and monsters to be able to attcack, hit and assign damage. This is part of your responsibility. If you roll a hit you need to update the statblock showing the damage. In that same train of thought make sure you copy the statblock update it and paste it at the end of each of yoru actions.

2. Do not check the map for monster locations unless you are the first player after me. I wil only post the map once per round so it will become outdated, check the grid locations in the statblock to confirm nothing has moved.

3. Once you include the narration of your actions please include a simple diagram of actions Minor: What your action was, Move: what grid did you move too and Standard: What was your standard action with any die rolls necessary.

Obviously this is new to everyone so feel free to ask questions here or on the facebook page (facebook will probally get replies quicker).

OH final thing, roleplaying sections have no set turn order, but please try to allow everyone in on the conversation, I don't want 15 posts in a row of anyone talking to the king where no one else has replied. Just use your own judgement.,

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